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Hello All...

I know that I don't post here all that often any more, but that's more a reflection on how busy I am (mostly) at work than anything else - my other blogs see woefully small amounts of traffic as well...

Anyway, I am starting a new photographic project and I am looking for willing volunteers...

I know, you are immediately assuming that I want you to take your clothes off, but I beg to differ - this "work" requires y'all to keep 'em on!

Now it wouldn't be me if there wasn't a catch, so here goes...

I'm looking for couples (real or fake I don't care, but if you are going to rope a "mate" into this, keep reading before you do), gay or straight, young or old, big / medium / small, white/black/brown or even green... These couples need to be comfortable with the following three requirements:

1. You need to be ok with kissing in public, and when I say kissing I mean snogging / tonsil-hockey / pashing

2. You need to be ok with putting your hands in places on your partner's body (and vice versa) that __might__ raise some eyebrows, but without showing ANYTHING.

3. You need to be ok with the idea that these images may well end up in a book, or on a wall in a public place and they will DEFINITELY end up on the Internet, but only on my site - they will NEVER be sold / syndicated to any other internet sites. They WILL NOT appear on Facebook; in fact you will have to agree to not post them on Facebook or in fact anywhere on the Net (except online modeling site(s) if you are a model and wish to self-promote with them).

I am not offering any money for this assignment, but I am more than happy to supply one or two images per couple as keepsakes / portfolio material etc...

If this sounds like something that you might enjoy doing and you have a lover / occasional partner / friend who you could do it with then please get in touch.

If you like the idea, but it's not for you, then please rack your brains for people you know that would be "up for it" who will not have seen this post - it is posted as public in order to facilitate the "pass it on" thing...

..::EDIT::.. For the record I am more than prepared to travel (internationally if necessary) to get this done with people who are cool, diverse and into the idea, so don't think I won't come to you if you are in [insert country outside the UK here], ok?

Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from some of you...


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For a brief interlude from the ongoing series re my travels in North America I am going to jump out of time and tell y'all about today, in brief.

Today I hopped on a train from Penn Station, came to Philadelphia, where I write this, played tourist for a few hours and then came over to [ profile] kylecassidy and [ profile] trillian_stars's place to say "Hi!"

I have been following [ profile] kylecassidy's exploits (and more specifically photography) since very early on in my Livejournal days, and [ profile] trillian_stars's blog as well since I realised that she was on there too, and seeing as I was relatively close by (hey America is BIG) and how I love to actually meet people that I talk to / with on the internet I was really pleased when they said that they would be about and I could drop by.

We had awesome chilli, spoke of many things, listened to music and eventually I got over my nerves and took some pictures; here's a good one:

Kyle and Trillian

It has been a really fun evening, and it is really cool to know them both that little bit better. I wish I was going to be in the country for a few more days so I could come back and see [ profile] trillian_stars in the play that she has coming up, and hang out some more, but I figure that I will be back on the East Coast at some point, and hopefully there will be time enough to do all of these things and more...
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I tuned in to see Scott in the studio today on his "snow day", and he showed us his method (well one anyway) with macro shooting...

Scott Church taking a macro shot in his studio in Lebanon PA, via Yahoo LIve!

Scott Church taking a macro shot in his studio in Lebanon PA, via Yahoo LIve!

I love teh intarweb...


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