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The radio station I was talking about (, look at this entry from the playlist today (times are PDT):

7:54Sex PistolsGod Save the Green (demo)(V/A) UK Punk 1Rhino
DJ Comments: Here's to the English World Cup Win!

Come on, they are great! Give 'em a listen at least and maybe some money if you want to stick it to the conglomeration of broadcast media - after all that is a global problem!

Jun. 13th, 2006 03:01 pm
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Hey there, I know I've buggered on about this uber-cool radio station in Seattle a lot and some of you are bored to tears about it, but they are pledge-driving this week, in an attempt to continue doing what they are doing i.e. providing a genuinely independent voice amongst the US airwaves which are becoming increasingly homogonised and dumbed-down to the mainstream. Not only are they a non-profit, they are a station that puts music and musical diversity first, in their programming, amongst their staff and in terms of what they give back to their local community - believe me I wish there was a force for music like this in the UK, the BBC get close, but even they are beholden to the governors and the government in the end. This station gets to be a real voice for the under-dog and a different point of view because of people out there who give them money and become members. They have broken countless cool UK bands out there on the West Coast, like Alexi Murdoch, The Streets, The Doves and the list just goes on, and not only that they play a ton of great local music from Seattle and independent bands from all over the US and the rest of the world.

Check them out:

and try to see past the heavy sell to get you to pledge, they have to do this or they don't exist. Try and check out the cool mix of ecelectic music and help them out. I finally had the spare money this year, so I've gone done it - join me...


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