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Some friends of mine are becoming Festival Promoters...

I know what you are thinking; some of you are thinking "Oh no, I've got no more money for Festivals __next__ year, let alone this" and the rest are thinking "What's the attraction of camping with teenagers and getting everything I own soaked in order to see my heros the size of matchsticks whilst surrounded by aforementioned teenagers making me feel old?". Okay there may be some of you thinking "Woohoo!" but I reckon that most of you are in column a or b and nowhere near column c.

Anyway, this festival is:

a) Free

b) Indoors

and for good measure

c) For charity.

So what do you need to do?

It's easy really, head on over to:

The Invisible Festival (although the "Essential Festival Organiser's Guide" is not quite available yet it will be in the next couple of days)

and / or

Download the early press-release here

and then of course you can follow them on Twitter:


They are __about__ to announce a bunch of really cool stuff, and frankly this is a really cool idea that is going to raise money for Cancer Research UK and give you fun at the same time, so why not give it a waggle?

(apologies to those who subscribe to my WP blog as you are about to get this again when I X-Post; I do try to keep these things that crossover to a minimum)
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Having the day off yesterday was definitely a good move...

I got up at a leisurely pace, processed the photos from the SpinVox Party, had a shower and ambled down to Rivermead via a nice all day breakfast for about 1530h.

Diana told me later that the festival is tiny compared to the likes of Glastonbury etc., but I did that whole bumpkin arriving in the big city thing and just wandered around for about two hours, trying to process it all.

Then it was off to the Siam Tent to see Värttinä, a Finnish folk rock band that I had never heard of before, but they are now firmly on the shopping list! Really entertaining, beautiful voices and excellent music - I deiced to take this as a sign and see other acts of which I knew nothing...

So I wandered down to the Radio 3 stage after Värttinä and took in an apparently famous Senegalese artist Daby Balde and his band. They were great! He had everyone up and dancing before he was halfway through the set and it just got better... I was starting to suspect that I might be a bit of a hippy on the inside by this point...

So Di showed up and we went to get food and catch the end of Los Del Abajo of Mexico on the Open Air Stage. Again, there was a baseline love of making music that sometimes seems to get lost in our domestic music scene, and they scored many points by banging the peace drum - the WOMAD crowd is a fair bet for peace to be a crowd pleaser, lets be honest.

Then we went on to the band that had clinched my decision to buy a ticket, the mighty Gotan Project. WOW! Just incredible, there are no words... WOW. The way they have mixed tango and traditional hispanic and french music with dance and rap and... WOW!

We did a bit of wandering in the dark, catching a bit of Tiger Moth (a British Caillie band) in the Cabaret tent, and taking the opportunity to just sit and have a beer together, something that we have not been able to do for weeks it seems. Then to round the evening out we went to listen in on Anoush Shankaar and her Sitar. It was great to just lie down in the dark and let the haunting melodies just wash over me, and by the time we hopped in a cab to head home I had forgotten that I had a job or that I needed one, if you know what I mean.

A quick drink with Di and Al before I headed down the hill and home and now I am about to leave to take in as much of Saturday as I can without knackering myself too much - I have a party to go to after I leave the festival today (or more likely tomorrow morning)...

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :-)


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