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Well hello there, dear reader...

I have some pretty exciting news - I've been invited to contribute some work to an exhibition being curated by and "starring" the work of [ profile] scottchurch, over in Pennsylavania...

Here is the flyer - if you are in any way able to attend I know you'd be welcome:

You can see the images that I am contributing to the show here:

My Submission

I warn you now, none of the images are really Safe For Work, but neither are any of them involving anything more than 'tasteful nudity', at least in my opinion...

Please feel free to pass the word, and thanks for dropping by :-)
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Anyone going to come to the exhibition opening this evening?

Are you in London and in no need to "run home"?

Would you like to support up and coming artists - the show in question is a retrospective of most of the artists who have exhibited at 491 Gallery this year?

Get off the Tube at Leytonstone, Once through the barriers turn right and leave the Station, cross to the left-hand side of the carpark and follow the wall round to the left onto the street; you should now be able to see 491 Gallery in front of you.

I realise I should have mentioned it sooner - life is really compressed at the moment...

No worries if not, just thought I'd ask,


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…for your support since I announced the show for my 365 Portraits Project - I am dead chuffed!

I think it only fair to “come clean” and point out that I am self-funding and self-organising before anyone gets too carried away with their congratulations - it’s not like I’ve been “spotted” even on a local level, but even so I am very pleased to be able to take the project to its hoped-for conclusion.

If __anyone__ thinks that they might be in a position to offer to do some daytime shifts sitting in the space during the week that the show is on (I already have one volunteer), then please let me know.  I should be able to organise crash space for anyone who is prepared to do this, either with me or with decent, pleasant (non-student) folk in Reading, along with me covering their (reasonable) expenses and my ETERNAL gratitude.

More details as and when they become available and of course details about the invitations for the Private View as well.

T’ra for now…!

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There will be an exhibition of my 365 Portraits project from 11th September to the 17th September in The Turbine House exhibition space in Reading Town Museum’s extension property Blake’s Lock Museum.

There will be a Private View (by invitation only) on the 12th of September from 1930h - Invitations will follow.


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…it looks like I may be having my exhibition for my 365 Portraits project in September this year.

Clearly if it generates any interest at all I will tour it around a little, but just to begin with I want to see it up on the walls somewhere. I’m not going to say any more right now; I don’t want to jinx it, but hopefully I will have more to tell you in the near future - keep your fingers crossed!

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