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...I have lost the last bit of love for LJ...

I'm not going to delete my account or anything that drastic, but this is me saying that I am not going to be posting any more, or logging in here either - it tells me all that I need to know that I have not been here for over a month when once I was logged in all day.

It's been fun, and sometimes not so much fun, but I will always remember the good times and think of LJ fondly as my first blog / blogging experience.

Those who care at all will be able to find my irregular witterings in the following places, not that I am suggesting that any of you should care at all:

For those still using it avidly, I hope you continue to have fun, but for me the party is over, and so I bid you all a fond farewell

*bows deeply*

exit, stage left, pursued by a bear
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So today is the last day of '365 Portraits'. Admittedly there are 366 portraits in the project, but then when I started I had not realised that the project would run across a Leap Year and once I did realise I did not want to change the project name.

You will see yesterday's portrait (#365) and today's (#366) later on today, but for now you will have to make do with today's Ficlet, which you can read here:

Regents Park Tube

I am also going to use this post to announce my 'Thing-a-day' project for 10/05/2008 to 09/05/2009. I am going to __try__ to write a Ficlet every day from tomorrow to the day before my birthday next year. I accept that this may indeed be hubris on a gigantic scale, but I have become hooked on the 'Thing-a-day' concept and I want to stretch myself, so here I go, girding my loins and preparing to do some serious endurance creativity. Clearly I will be keeping y'all posted via this journal (amongst other blogs)...


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